About Us.


Our Story

BPRL, professionally managed pharmaceutical company is committed to the development and manufacture of high quality pharmaceutical formulations using innovative technologies and meeting the latest cGMP standards which are continuously updated to international requirements.

BPRL believes in adhering to sound business ethics coupled with management ethos that has very high esteem for its people, imbibing a sense of belief in traditional values, reliance on modern management concepts.  In doing so, the company constantly strives to uphold the basic management objective and philosophy of the company, which stands for “BETTER PRODUCTS RESTORING LIFE”

Since 1957


Bangalore Pharmaceutical and Research Laboratory Private Limited (BPRL) commenced its operations in 1957 with a goal of achieving “Excellence in Quality” in the field of Pharmaceuticals.     

The company was created by an eminent Doctor, Dr. S. T. Mady who enjoyed the position of a leading medical practitioner in the garden city of Bangalore. The company started its operations by manufacturing and distributing common products required by the medical profession in Bangalore. The company got its impetus for growth when Dr. S. T. Mady was joined by his sons Mr. S. S. Mady and Mr. S. T. R. Mady both qualified Pharmacists.

BPRL has spread its tentacles into the field of herbal health care by acquiring SAGAR pharmaceuticals, a reputed name among Ayurvedic companies.  The Ayurvedic expertise of Sagar Pharmaceuticals will be complemented with the manufacturing and marketing expertise of BPRL reaching out the science of Ayurveda to produce time-tested products with tangible results.

The philosophy of BPRL is therefore to manufacture and market products that reflect absolute quality and reliability with high standards of service, which ultimately culminates in winning the trust of the medical fraternity.

Domestic Marketing

The principles of marketing flows in the veins of BPRL resulting in ethical promotion of pharmaceutical products.

Sagar Pharmaceuticals, its Herbal Healthcare Division is making a lot of inroads in marketing of ayurvedic products because it is one of the few companies that combine Research and Production technologies to extend the science of Ayurveda to produce and market scientifically tested herbal products.


With this background BPRL is foraying into SUPERSPECIALTY – ONCOLOGY segment, with wide range of ONCOLOGY products.


BPRL is continuing its Pharmaceutical business by getting its products (Herbal & Pharma Products for exports and domestic) manufactured on out- sourcing basis.