Arthnex Oil

For Safe and instant relief



Botanical name


Capicum annum


Vitex negundo

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus globules


Cinnamomum camphora


Pluchea lanceolata 

Eranda Taila

Ricinus communis





Direction for use

For external applications in –
• Musculoskeletal pains
• Strains
• Sprains
• Neck pain
• Low back pain
• Joint pain

Apply on the affected part and massage gently or as directed by the physician

• With advantage of “Capsaicin” which depletes pain sensing substance
• Instant pain relief due to counter irritant action
• Does not stain the clothes, hence, best suited for day time use too

Vitex negundo:
Leaves are very efficacious in dispelling anti-inflammatory swellings of joints from acute rheumatism.
(Ref:Dr.K.M.Nadakarni’s – Indian Materia Medica )
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis were treated with the plant and encouraging results obtained. Nirgundi decoction has been used for steam bath for arthritis or joint pains. In 40 cases of gradhrasi (sciatica) the plant was found quite effective. The plants role in curing katisula has been particularly mentioned in vaidya manorama.
(Ref:Jain PK and T N Pande J.Res.Ind.Med.Yoga Homeo.11:2[1976])
Capsicum annum:
Studies show that capsaicin may block the feeling of pain by depleting and then blocking the production of “substance P,” which is thought to be the main chemical messenger of pain from the peripheral sensory nerves to the brain. It may also be involved with the release of inflammatory substances in affected joints of arthritis.
(Ref: )
Ricinus communis:
The methanolic extract of Ricinus communis root possesses significant anti-inflammatory activity in acute & chronic inflammatory models in rats. The observed pharmacological activity may be due to the presence of phytochemicals like flavonoids, alkaloids and tannins present in the plant extract with various biological activities
(Ref:Anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging activity of ricinus communis root extract Raju ilavarasan, Moni Mallika and Subramanian Venkataraman)

50 ml pet bottle