The nature’s gift for diabetic population



Botanical name

Each coated tablet contains


Gymnema sylvestre       



Gymnema sylvestre



Eugenia jambolana       



Emblica officinalis      



Curcuma longa



Casearia esculenta



Enicostemma littorale








• Diabetes mellitus
• Polyurea

2 tablets 3 times a day for 6 months or till adequate stability of urine sugar and blood sugar is achieved. Later maintenance dose 1 tablet t.i.d
Blister pack of 12 x 10’s; Containers of 500’s

If the patient is receiving allopathic antidiabetics continue GORANCHI concurrently and gradually taper off the former as metabolic control is achieved. Normally this takes about two or three months’ time.

• Stimulates insulin secretion & reduces insulin resistance
• Improves total lipid profile
• Checks diabetic complication

Gymnema sylvestre

G. sylvestre has significant antidiabetic as well as hypolipidemic activity so that it can be used as an adjuvant along with allopathic treatment of medicine to treat diabetes as well as to delay the late complications of diabetes.
(Global Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry 4 (1): 37-42, 2009)
One of the mechanisms responsible for adult onset diabetes mellitus is a form of insulin resistance, which is attributed to the inability of insulin to enter cells via the insulin receptor. Gymnema may overcome this resistance
– J Clin Biochem Nutr. 2007 September; 41(2): 77–81.
Eugenia jambolana
‘When Alloxan induced diabetic rats were fed with Jamun seed extract, the blood glucose, blood urea, cholesterol and serum triglyceride levels were found to be decreased significantly”.
(Girij et al Jr.Diab Assoc Ind. Vol XXV Oct., 85 p 115-199)

100ml, 200ml & 500 ml pack

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It is also economical to the patients and so far I have got no complaints from my patients. I been prescribing “BEFRESH” mouthwash since long and it is very satisfactory for me and my patients as well, kindly continue stocking the products to the near and far.”
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Consultant dental surgeon
D – Care speciality dental clinic, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
“BEFRESH mouthwash contains Ayurvedic ingredients, like tvak, pudina, lavanga etc., that do not harm the patient’s oral cavity, unlike other alcohol, chlorhexidine containing mouthwash that cause harmful side effects like staining, burning effect etc.. Continue your quality product support SAGAR PHARMACEUTICALS.”
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Dental surgeon,
Sri Heemaa toothcare, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
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– Dr. I.P Joseph Solomon., B.D.S.
Dental surgeon,
Packlam multi-speciality dental clinic, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
“I am using BEFRESH mouthwash personally as well as prescribing to my patients. The product is excellent in addressing problems of foul odour, antisepsis and it has a pleasant flavor.”
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Madurai multi-speciality dental clinic. Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
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– Dr. R. Ram Vijaya Ramesh, B.D.S.
JagaJothi dental clinic, Aruppukottai, Tamil Nadu.