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Relieves her vedan



Botanical name

Swarna Makshik Bhasma*


Vanga Bhasma*

Ayurvedic tin




Saraca indica

* Ash prepared from copper pyrite & tin


• Menstrual pain
• Premenstrual syndrome
• Useful in secondary female infertility due to dysmenorrhoea

1 capsule two times a day during three consecutive menstrual cycles only. Start soon after the menstrual flow begins and continue for 3 days. Repeat during the next two subsequent periods. In obstinate cases a second course of further 9 days may be necessary.

A ripe banana or chikku (Sapota) fruit has to be taken with each dose of Gynovedan capsule to counter the smell of camphor or as directed by physician.

• Uterine sedative
• Antispasmodic
• Analgesic

Cinamomum camphora:
It has been useful in ……..to produce sleep & quietness, also to relieve severe after pains, colic, mild neuralgic pains, dysmenorrhoea, Hiccup, & nervous debility
(King’s American Dispensary, 1898, was written by Harvey wickes Felter, M.D. ., and John Uri Lloyd , Phr.M.,Ph.D)


Saraca indica:
Bark is used to treat menorrhea, bowel, pimple, weakness, hemorrhage, dropsy and uterine sedative.
(ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY OF SOME INDIAN MEDICINAL PLANTS /Rajesh Dabur, Amita Gupta, T K Mandal, Desh Deepak Singh, Vivek Bajpai, A M Gaurav , G S Lavekar)

Blister pack of 12 x 10’s

“I have been prescribing GYNOVEDAN capsules of Sagar pharmaceuticals, Bangalore since 2007. During this period I have used the product on many of my patients finding it to be very efficacious, Some patients even stopped getting hospitalized during every monthly cycle, About 95% of the patients showed very very good improvement and there is no side effects as such.”
– Dr. Devidas Shetty B.A.M.S., PG C.P.K(K.M.C, Manipal)
Unity health clinic, Malpe, Kundapur, Karnataka.