H-Gum® Gum Massage Gel

Healthy gums – strong teeth

Composition: gel


Botanical name


Mimusops elengi


Acacia catechu                       



Shudha Sphatika

Potash alum

Saindhav lavana         

Potassium chloride    


Azadirachta indica     


Embelia robusta         

* Combination of:

Haritaki     Terminalia chebula

Vibhitaki    Terminalia belerica

Amalaki     Emblica officinalis

Direction of Use

For Complete Gum care of gums in recurring gum problems such as:
• Gingivitis
• Periodontitis
• Spongy & inflamed- gums
As a Prophylactic in gum complication in diabetic patients

The Gums should be massaged with adequate amount of powder with the help of index finger.

Mimusops elengi:
M. elengi is effective as anti-microbial against the oral micro flora.
Research works have confirmed the antimicrobial potential of the plant thus adding weight to its use as a preventive remedy for various microbial diseases of hard tissues in the oral cavity.
Studies also reveal that the plant has anti-inflammatory & analgesic activities.

Acacia catechu:
An astringent with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
Bhawna Sunil Negi and Bharti P. Dave – Indian J Microbiol. 2010 October; 50(4): 369–374.

Triphala and has an inhibitory effect on plaque, gingivitis, and growth of Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus.

Shudha Sphatika:
Potash alum has been in use for its antiseptic properties since long and also provides a cooling pleasant experience when applied over the gums. It has good anti-fungal properties as well.
Sphatika is also well known for its hemostyptic properties, checks bleeding from gums.


“I have been prescribing H-Gum, Gum massage powder since 2011, I got appreciable results from the product.”
– Dr. Harish K.S. B.D.S., F.A.G.E.
Hegde dental clinic, peenya, Bangalore