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Adds freshness & avoid bad breath

Composition: Capsule


Botanical name

Purified Gairika

Purified Red ochre

Treated with juices of



Jasminum grandiflorum


Mimusops elengi

Decoction of Ashwatha

Ficus religiosa



• Stomatitis
• Glossitis
• Gingivitis
• Aphthous ulcers in buccal mucosa
• In oral radiation to avoid stomatitis
• Acts as mild antacid, useful as refrigerant in GI disorders & urethral disorders.

1 capsule 3 times a day for 3 to 7 days

• Astringent & coolant
• Wound healing

Red ochre:
Red ochre is a type of clay containing silicate of aluminium and oxide of iron found in lead and iron ores.
“It is purified by being soaked in milk seven times and is sweetish, astringent, cooling; useful as local application to burns, ulcers, boils, pustular eruptions and aphthous sores in the mouth’.
(Dr.K.M.Nadkarni, Ind. Mat. Med. 1976)

Jasminum grandiflorum
The leaves of Jasminum grandiflorum L. (Family: Oleaceae) is used in folk medicine for treating ulcerative stomatitis, skin diseases, ulcers, wounds, etc.
(Int. J. Ph. Sci. | Sept-December 2009 | Vol. 1 | Issue 2 |247-249)

Blister pack of 12 X 10s
Containers of 500s

“I have been prescribing STOMATAB capsules of Sagar pharmaceuticals, Bangalore since 2009, during this period I have noted the product to be very effective”
– Dr. Sandeep Shetty
Sukshema clinic, Kundapur. Karnataka.
“I am prescribing STOMATAB capsules since 2007, it is very usefull in stomatitis”
– Dr. Surekha. B.Sc., B.A.M.S
Pooja clinic, Udupi, Karnataka.
“Powder within the STOMATAB Capsule if used as an application by mixing with ghee and honey is very efficacious in Acute and chronic Stomatitis.”
– Dr. M.J Prabhu. B.A.M.S.
Sri jayadeva clinic, Kengeri, Bangalore, Karnataka.