Complete & comprehensive antiepileptic



Botanical name


Piper nigrum  


Piper chabab

Tantu Pashan Bhasma     




• Grandmal
• Petitimal
• Focal epilepsy
• Myoclonic jerks.

A. Massive Dose No. of Days No. of Tablets
With Pathya (Diet)
4 tabs morning + 4 tabs evening X 3 days 24
3 tabs morning + 3 tabs evening X 7 days 42
TOTAL 10 days 66

B. Maintenance Dose without Pathya
1 tab morning + 1 tabs evening X 30 days 60
TOTAL 40 days 126
Cycles to be continued till cure.
Pathya :
During massive dose of 10 days the patient should avoid Salt, sour, chillies and spices in the food. He can however take Rice, Chapatti, Roti, Bhakri, Sweet Bread, Ragi Balls, Ghee, Jaggery or Sugar, Tender Coconut Water, Rava Kheer, Shira, Sweet Fruits like Apple, Chikku, and Banana etc. Coffee or Tea are allowed in moderation. Plenty of milk (about 1 liter a day) and ghee are recommended to counter the stomach irritation that may be caused by Maricha. Milk and Ghee also help better absorption of TANTU PASHAN. The patients are free to take their normal diet when maintenance dose is given.
If the patient is taking any anticonvulsant the same has to be continued along with Tantu Pashan therapy till appreciable results are noticed. Anticonvulsant drugs may be gradually tapered off as improvement with Tantu Pashan is noticed.

• Re-establishes normal neuronal activities
• Non sedative & safe for day time use
• Safe for long term use

TANTU PASHAN or asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous variety of mineral of the serpentine and amphibole group having a composition of 2MgO, ISIO2, 2H2O. This is ayurvedically purified (Detoxified) by a very special process and converted into “Bhasma”. Tantu Pashan is a “Rasayana” i.e. drug that builds up the tissues of the body and brain & corrects the errors of cellular metabolism.
It is not a sedative but soothes the irritability of the neurons and increases the “threshold” of the brain cells to withstand abnormal electric discharges.

Blister pack of 12 X 10s

“I am prescribing TANTUPASHAN Tablets since 2008, which is having good results and got very good feedback from Epilepsy patients”
– Dr. D.V Manjunath B.A.M.S,
Satya sai, Kolar, Karnataka.